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Interviews from Bingley Music Live 4th-6th September 2015


Bingley Music Live is that little gem at the end of the summer, the last of the bigger festivals to take place, and it was blessed this year by an absence of rain and some largely sunny spells. This suits the BML public who tend to come armed with decks chairs and picnic blankets to settle down for the weekend. Over the last years Bingley has had an excellent line-up and is one of the cheapest on offer, this year 3 days of music for £50. I love this festival and its friendly and helpful staff, this year I got to ride on a buggy down to the press area!

I arrive in good time on Friday as I don't want to miss the festival openers Apollo Junction, a band from Leeds who have had a full summer of festival appearances. 

Great set to start off the day, was pleased to hear If I Fell, which had been picked up by the BBC and set things in motion for the band. They also played their next release, Born For Now, top tune. 

Afterwards I joined them backstage where they were live on air with BBC Leeds and my colleagues Ann and Trudie from BCB Radio

For the past few years Bingley has had a second stage to showcase up and coming talent from around the UK. This year the stage has been renamed The Discovery Stage, its becoming a very popular stage, where people who love to go to festivals to find something new congregate. The first band I see here are Model Aeroplanes from Dundee. Really enjoyed the set and can see why this band is getting good support slots with The View and Twin Atlantic among others

Weirds from Leeds are the next on the Discovery stage, wildly energetic set. The lead singer leaps over the barrier and is rushing around like a man possessed and then the guitarist comes over the barrier to play among the crowd too, my head is going from side to side like in a crazed tennis match, the bassist is lying down. Its not just visual though great music! Really want to see this band again soon. Interview done stage side so apologies for sound quality.

One of the great things about the Discovery Stage is that has a very random choice of bands, the next band Brighton's Fickle Friends are totally different to the previous band. Great vocals with a wonderful beat that gets the crowd moving. The band have been doing festivals here and in Europe all summer since The Great Escape, although a relatively new band (2 years or so) they are certainly a polished act, one I would definitely see again.

with Ann and Trudie from BCB Radio
Unfortunately I have to miss most of Cast's set though did manage to hear Walkaway before heading back into the press area. All duties of the day finished in time for the headline set James. They are the only headliner to repeat at Bingley and did so after a public vote on who everyone wanted to return. Much loved band and great set with a mixture of songs from the latest album and all the well known hits.  They also played a couple of new ones and announced they are currently recording a new album. 

We have had a great day, broadasting our drivetime show live from Bingley Music Live on BCB Radio and hopping between stages.


Festivals and clashes! For some people that's a problem higher up the bill but for me today I have to jog between main stage and discovery stage right from the start. The day begins with Bradford's Nervous 'Orse, the lead singer became a father the day before so the set is dedicated to his son. Nervous 'Orse have a wonderful sound, great lyrics and wonderful harmonies as all four of them sing. Had a good chat to them after which unfortunately did not record. They were pleased about their set and said the on stage sound was the best they had ever had. Caught up with them a couple of weeks later after their set at Saltaire festival.

Meanwhile Keighley's Rock Bottom Risers are opening the Discovery stage, I have liked all the songs I have heard from this band but this is my first chance to hear them live and they are wonderful. Great band good solid songs, good to chat to them too.

I decide to spend a while hovering between the 2 stages and manage to catch part of a few excellent sets, April from The Midlands, Natasha North and Randolph's Leap who I stick around for longer. Headed backstage for a while to catch up with BCB colleagues as they prepare to host another live show form the festival.

I headed back up to the Discovery stage hoping to catch the latter part of Swiines and be there in good time for The Black Delta Movement. My first disappointment of the festival is that there has been a switch round in programming and Black Delta Movement are already half way their set, their brilliance leaves me wanting more, and the set ends with a feeling of having been done out of one of the best bands of the weekend on this stage, I do have a good chat to them after, which was not recorded but plans are underway for a chat in the the near future. 

Spent the rest of the evening enjoying Funeral for a Friend, Carl Barat and Jackals and Ash. Not sure why its so long since I listened to Ash, what an excellent set. Labrinth is on the mainstage but I decided to head up to the Discovery Stage to check out Deaf School who I thought were quite an intriguing choice of band. This turned out to be the set of the festival so far for me. What set of class musicians and entertaining vocalists. The whole crowd was just grinning from ear to ear watching them, a real treat Off home to be ready for an early start on the last day.


Another early start and early morning clashes, first act on today are Normanton's The Incredible Magpie Band, one of the winners of the Emerging Talent competition, I watch the first half of their set which is great. Not surprisingly this band have earned some great support slots with The Enemy and Cast.

Hot footed it to the Discovery stage where Bradford's Francis are playing, here is a band that looks like they are really enjoying playing. Fantastic set of songs and incredible solos which are delighting the crowd on the second stage, great talent in such a young band. 

Great to see Clay on the main stage, despite them being from Leeds I've not managed to catch them live before, excellent set, really polished act who have been going for about a year now. 

The Jacques played on The Discovery stage and BCB colleague Ann Morgan had a chat with them after their set.

Next I went up to the Discovery Stage to see The Sherlocks, I first saw them at Bingley last year and since then they have grown a great deal and have been touring up and down the UK. They had a large crowd of young people who all knew the words to the songs and were gathered very close to the stage, The Sherlocks didn't disappoint them.

This year Bingley Music Live had a new initiative which was to have a few busking stages around the festival. Leeds act Pusher were doing several sets as a duo and solo and also Bradford's Sleepy Jake Segrave, who I caught up with on the final day.

Back on mainstage local heroes Embrace are playing a good set of new and old songs. Their music is certainly best heard on a large stage with a big audience as they have such big sounding songs. They are followed by Idlewild who were fantastic. Treat of the day for me though is Super Furry Animals, very excited to see them back playing live and they certainly didn't disappoint. BCB's Ann Morgan had an interview (English and Welsh) just before their set. And that was Bingley Music Live for another year. Full marks from me, a fabulous festival.

Michelle Dalgety - Yorkshire Music Collective

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