Monday, 1 September 2014

Bingley Music Live Review: Day 3

It always happens at a festival that two bands you really want to see are playing at the same time, such was this morning as both Happy Daggers and DownReno were playing at the same. No choice but to do half a set of each band. There are only a few people there when Happy Daggers start to play but their funky dance music soon has curious listeners heading to the stage. Brilliant set with everyone starting to dance, its really hard not to with these guys.  You can hear their backstage interview here

Meanwhile on the mainstage Down Reno are blowing the crowd away, I don't think anyone is expecting such a good act to be on so early. This is such a polished band, I'm not sure how they would describe their music but its sort of americana pop, the tunes are toe-tappingly good, the songs are very well constructed, with lovely lyrics that are pretty catchy too and some lovely harmonies going on. 

I had already requested an interview with the band and later got confirmation that I would be able to do this in the Green Room, it was pretty posh! As I was walking back to the media area one of the event crew asked me if I had interviewed them and that the whole crew had been amazed by them. You can listen to the interview here

Its been a great start to the day and I can't help but think that both of these bands deserve to be much higher up the bill :)

The next band I see is The Gramotones up on stage 2. Really enjoyed this set, loved the songs, great lyrics and both lead vocals were excellent sometimes taking it in turns to sing sometimes together. Would want to see more of this band. There's a drunk man at the front shouting encore, to which the band quips, give us time we've only played two songs.

Its getting pretty hot up at this second stage, sunbathing crowd are nicely settled for Port Isla. This is a delighful set of well crafted songs. The vocalist does some on piano and some on guitar, I'm actually listening to their soundcloud as I type I liked them so much.

The Ramona Flowers are the next band on my list of ones to check out,  and the BCB team has had the same idea as we all meet up again to catch a couple of acts before today's live broadcast. I really like this band I've had Dismantle and Rebuild on loop all week. Excellent live as well.

Neon Waltz are on stage next, it took me a few songs to get into this band but by the end of the set I was really enjoying it. The organ was great! Almost time to set up the broadcast and only one of us can stay and watch The Wytches. Not my turn to stay today unfortunately, will have to wait to see them.

Just time to watch Simon and Oscar from Ocean Colour Scene do a couple of songs on our way to the media area to set up our broadcast, they are delighting the crowd its a massive sing-song down there, so many great songs. How incredible to see them acoustically, they are celebrating 25 years and about to embark on an acoustic tour. Well worth going.

We spent the next 2 and half hours broadcasting our last live show from the festival, its been great fun today although a bit crazy at times. 

We finished our broadcast and managed to catch a couple of songs by The South before we headed down to the last act of a great festival Pet Shop Boys

Its been fantastic, see you next year!

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