Monday, 1 September 2014

Bingley Music Live Review: Day 1

There's something strange about Bingley, you want to tell people how good it is, but you don't want to tell too many because its like our hidden secret, that little music gem in the calendar that only we from round here know about! This was my 5th Bingley in a row, and it was another cracker!

This year I teamed with my BCB colleagues so spent part of my days on outside broadcast with 3 live shows over the 3 days. This has been great fun, a little challenging at times trying to broadcast from a noisy festival but a good experience.

The Struts
I am there for the start of the festival on Friday. I am really pleased to see The Struts opening the main stage, I'd happened to catch their set on the second stage the previous year and was excited to see their return to the bigger stage. Its raining quite heavily when they come on but you don't seem to notice due to the mesmerizing performance of the lead singer, he is wearing the coolest blue poncho styled shirt I have seen. The band isn't all the frontman though, these guys can really play too. Luke Spiller the lead vocalist is off stage now, down in the crowd with audience sat round him in a circle, then its back on stage for the final, he has everyone at the front crouched down ready to jump up and go mental when the music really kicks in again. Brilliant start to the day.

Fiona Jane from Woman's Hour
Next up I go to stage 2 to catch Woman's Hour on the recommendation of Joseph from the BCB team, its now absolutely hammering down and many people are taking refuge in the beer tent, excellent recommendation indeed. Beautiful music and lovely sultry vocals too, I ordered the album as soon as I got home. When the audience clapped after one of the songs, the singer said she felt she ought to be applauding the audience instead, towards the end of the set, it stopped raining and the front of the stage quickly filled to watch the rest in the dry. This band are playing at the Belgrave Music Hall on 26th September, you won't be disappointed if you go see them.

Its back to mainstage where a special set is taking place, its brilliant when you see something
Dave McCabe & Ian Skelley
unique at a festival, Dave McCabe from The Zutons and Ian Skelly from The Coral are doing a special acoustic set as a tribute to Alan Wills who tragically died this year. Alan Wills' Deltasonic label launched the careers of The Coral and The Zutons and both bands have played Bingley in the past. Funniest moment of the set was when Dave McCabe introduced Ian Skelley as used to be in The Coral, to which he replied I am still in The Coral! Oh yes we the ones that split up says McCabe. It was just like watching 2 friends having a jam together and a real privilege to be watching it.

BCB Team out and about the Festival
The Selecter
For the next couple of hours I join the BCB team for our first 2 hours live broadcast form the festival our aim has been to take the festival atmosphere to people who have not been able to make the festival this year and hopefully encourage people to get on board with it in future years. Amazingly as we start our broadcast The Selecter are singing "On My Radio" on mainstage! We chat to people who have come from just down the road but also to many who had travelled some distance for the festival. I do a sneaky disappearing act during this time as I must see at least one song by The Selecter who have everyone jumping up and down. All the shows from the festival are on our Listen Again feature.

Due to broadcasting I am not able to see one of the main acts of the day Gaz Coombes, in
Eliza and The Bear
conversations with folks at the festival this is one of the standout acts from the weekend. Maybe next time! I am however in time to make it to stage 2 for Eliza and The Bear who are absolutely fantastic, another EP bought after listening to them. The are playing the Cockpit on October 12th, well worth getting a ticket for that one. I think I've found my new favourite band. I have to say over the last few years the quality of the acts on the second stage is quite something. It has been very busy all week too, as a lot of people come to check out the new up and coming talent which is great. I have dubbed it the Music Lover stage as its where I bump into people I regularly see out supporting new talent. 

Headline act today is Shed Seven, I was quite surprised by how many songs I knew of Shed Seven, the crowd certainly knows them all and joins in each and every one. Good end to a great first day and guess what? The Sun is coming out tomorrow!

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