Monday, 29 September 2014

Radio Playlist 25th September 2014

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What we played:

Angry Planet by New Model Army

The Times by Riot Joy

Bootmakers To The King by Fighting Caravans

On Off by Crumplehorns

I've Only Got One Ghost by Yawning Dog

Homebound by We Like Humans

Sets you free by The Dead White Doves

Language of Love by Jenny Lee

What's Your Intention? by Geek

Lizard Baby by Pulled Apart By Horses

Millstone by The Sunbeams

Gina Works At Hearts by DZ Deathrays

The Right Way by Katy Haymer

Friday, 19 September 2014

Radio Playlist 18th September 2014

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio.

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Our studio guests were Down Radio from Leeds

What we played:

Ejector Seat by Knuckle

Instigator, Rain and Agenda by Down Radio

Fly me away by Black Anvils

Ghost by Vesper Walk

Monday Comedown by Warme

Gold by Young Jack

Army Man by The Witch Hunt

Catch And Release by The Reacharounds

If We Fall, We'll Fall Together by Inherit the Stars

Monday, 15 September 2014

Long Division Celebrates it's biggest year (press release)



Long Division Festival celebrated its’ biggest year yet with over 3000 people attending the festival this weekend.

The Cribs made a triumphant return to their hometown with 700 people selling out Unity Works on Friday night. Three hundred people – from toddlers to parents – also attended their under 18s matinee gig on Friday afternoon.

This year marks the biggest festival in Wakefield city centre with 115 performances over three days. Eighty bands played to 1600 people on Saturday at venues across the city including the newly reopened Unity Works.

Dean Freeman, festival director, said: “Long Division 2014 was a great success this year. Many people who have been coming since 2011 have told us it was the best yet, which is great. 

We experimented quite a lot this year, with new venues, the big Friday gig and the weekend tickets, as well as making big efforts over the summer and on the weekend to find ways to get the young music fans and bands in Wakefield involved.

It seems to have paid off, but it feels great because a lot of this is something to build on for 2015. It's almost like we've turned a corner this year, by getting a band as big as The Cribs, getting NME coverage, having BBC Leeds broadcast live from the festival, it feels like we are achieving our aim of celebrating Wakefield as a city, and it's many talented artists more than ever. We adore getting big names to the city, but it is the local bands getting huge crowds that makes us feel warm inside. 700 people watching Mi Mye support The Cribs was amazing. We feel very proud of all the bands that played, and the amazing local support we've had.

We moved the festival from June to September this year, purely so we could use Unity Works as a venue. The Cribs and Long Division Saturday were the first major events there and it was just wonderful to see people's reactions to the building, especially the Major Hall. It's an amazing and unique place and after this weekend, it's hard to believe it is only a week old! I can't wait to see what it has grown to become by the time Long Division 2015 comes around.”

Long Division 2015 will take place from June 12 -14 with a limited number of early bird Saturday tickets on sale now for £20. To buy click here.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Radio Playlist 11th September 2014 (150th Show!)

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio.

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Our studio guests were Monster Jaw from Bradford

What we played:

Sugar by Calgaris

Losing All My Friends, Low and Lidocaine by Monster Jaw

Liam wilson Audio5 (leelo remix) by Leelo

Chemicals by Rayne

Chasing Shadows by The Sherlocks

Rapture by Play Record Erase

Dark Disco by Lost Trends

Turning Away by Happy Daggers

Saturday, 6 September 2014

1 Week To Long Division Festival

1 week to Long Division!! The multi-venue event in Wakefield is looking great! It starts on Friday 12th with The Cribs homecoming show.

On Saturday 13th, this is what you can look forward to on 9 Stages, do check the Long Division website before the event though as there are sure to be last minute changes.

Unity Works Major Hall

Candy Says, Post War Glamour Girls, Gruff Rhys, Frankie & The Heart Strings, Roddy Woomble, I Like Trains, Toy, The Wedding Present

Unity Works Minor Hall

Allusondrugs, Flowers, Radstewart, Cut Ribbons, Patterns, Yard Wars, Aztec Doll, Tuff Love, Beans on Toast, Islet

Westgate Chapel

Jamie Say Smile, Juffage, Ruby Macintosh, Tom Lawton, Randoph's Leap, Versechorusverse, katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts

Warehouse 23

Gunnarson, Mazes, Bleech, The Membranes, Molloy, Summer Camp, Kid Canveral, Slow Club


Clandestines, Cowtown, Protectors, The SUnbeams, Brawlers, Casual Sex, The Witch Hunt, Dead Party Scene, Holy Mountain, Clown

The Organgery

Loz Campbell, Wearenotdolphins, Yawning Dog, Chanel, Buffalo Skinners, James Coley, Too Many T's, The Ainsley Band


Secret Society, Alpha Shallows, Deadwall, Cactus Knife, Knuckle, The Reacharounds, Narcs, The Grand, Treason Kings, CryBabyCry, Adore//Repel, Forever Cult, The Wind Up Birds Then Thickens, The Castellas, Theo Verney, Wot Gorilla?


The High Club, Whales In Cubicles, Samuel S Parkes, Nadine Carina, Salvage My Dream, Sam Airey, High Hazels, Joel RL Phelps

The festival conclude on Sunday with The Fringe which will see a host of family friendly all ages performances, workshops and panels, concluding a huge weekend of events in Wakefield city centre.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Radio Playlist 4th September 2014

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio.

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Our studio guests were Plumhall from Bradford

What we played:

U & I by Phonics is Flawed ft. Tim Canfer

Let Me Sleep, Never Forget My Name and Exit from the Light (live) by Plumhall

Deuce & Charger 
Stop the Sky from Falling  by Deuce & Charger 

One of Those Days by DownReno

Closer by Happy Daggers

Feel Good by The Barmines

Towerland Lullaby by John Lennon McCullagh

Monday, 1 September 2014

Bingley Music Live Review: Day 3

It always happens at a festival that two bands you really want to see are playing at the same time, such was this morning as both Happy Daggers and DownReno were playing at the same. No choice but to do half a set of each band. There are only a few people there when Happy Daggers start to play but their funky dance music soon has curious listeners heading to the stage. Brilliant set with everyone starting to dance, its really hard not to with these guys.  You can hear their backstage interview here

Meanwhile on the mainstage Down Reno are blowing the crowd away, I don't think anyone is expecting such a good act to be on so early. This is such a polished band, I'm not sure how they would describe their music but its sort of americana pop, the tunes are toe-tappingly good, the songs are very well constructed, with lovely lyrics that are pretty catchy too and some lovely harmonies going on. 

I had already requested an interview with the band and later got confirmation that I would be able to do this in the Green Room, it was pretty posh! As I was walking back to the media area one of the event crew asked me if I had interviewed them and that the whole crew had been amazed by them. You can listen to the interview here

Its been a great start to the day and I can't help but think that both of these bands deserve to be much higher up the bill :)

The next band I see is The Gramotones up on stage 2. Really enjoyed this set, loved the songs, great lyrics and both lead vocals were excellent sometimes taking it in turns to sing sometimes together. Would want to see more of this band. There's a drunk man at the front shouting encore, to which the band quips, give us time we've only played two songs.

Its getting pretty hot up at this second stage, sunbathing crowd are nicely settled for Port Isla. This is a delighful set of well crafted songs. The vocalist does some on piano and some on guitar, I'm actually listening to their soundcloud as I type I liked them so much.

The Ramona Flowers are the next band on my list of ones to check out,  and the BCB team has had the same idea as we all meet up again to catch a couple of acts before today's live broadcast. I really like this band I've had Dismantle and Rebuild on loop all week. Excellent live as well.

Neon Waltz are on stage next, it took me a few songs to get into this band but by the end of the set I was really enjoying it. The organ was great! Almost time to set up the broadcast and only one of us can stay and watch The Wytches. Not my turn to stay today unfortunately, will have to wait to see them.

Just time to watch Simon and Oscar from Ocean Colour Scene do a couple of songs on our way to the media area to set up our broadcast, they are delighting the crowd its a massive sing-song down there, so many great songs. How incredible to see them acoustically, they are celebrating 25 years and about to embark on an acoustic tour. Well worth going.

We spent the next 2 and half hours broadcasting our last live show from the festival, its been great fun today although a bit crazy at times. 

We finished our broadcast and managed to catch a couple of songs by The South before we headed down to the last act of a great festival Pet Shop Boys

Its been fantastic, see you next year!

Bingley Music Live Review: Day 2

The Barmines
Blue Skies this morning, this is more like Bingley weather! I'm here bright and early to see the two acts I watched at the Battle of The Bands earlier this year perform on mainstage. First on are The Barmines from Leeds, starting off with the powerful song 1990 they rip through a great set of tracks, good solid band with a bright future ahead of them. 

I hotfoot it up to stage 2 where the other BOTB winner is
playing. Tropical Contact play a lively set and have some good banter going on with the crowd. Sad about their announcement mid show that they are splitting up as they are a great band.

Avec Sans
Back to the mainstage to see Avec Sans, duo from London, they were firmly on my list to check out today after listening to a couple of their tracks on line. Certainly did not disappoint, love the tunes with their blend of catchy pop vocals and darks synths to give them a bit of an edge. Would definitely see this band again.

Next I got a chance to go backstage to interview The
Barmines, I was invited to their tent (which the day before had been Shed Seven's tent) and chat about their big day, the interview is below. Listen to the interview here.

It was also great to bump into Van from Catfish and The Bottlemen outside his tenand get a chance to tell him how much I love this hardworking band!

John Lennon McCullagh was next on mainstage, this was another act I had enjoyed the year before on Stage 2. This time he was back as John McCullagh & The Escorts with a full band behind him. The focus is still very much on the talented frontman though, his songs have a maturity and execution well beyond his years.

Next I went back up to stage 2 to see Bradford band Warme. First chance I have had to see them live although I have been listening to their music for a while. Good set which is pleasing the large crowd here at stage 2.  We also manage to interview them live on BCB broadcast later in the day. You can listen to that interview here.

Off in search of team BCB (no easy task weaving in and out of deck chairs) I find them watching Nick Mulvey on mainstage. Glad I got here in time for this, love these vocals, another CD purchase on the cards

We are about to set up the afternoon's broadcast but I am
forced to jump ship for a while as its Catfish and the Bottlemen on the main stage. There is no way I am missing this! Can't help but jump in the mosh pit for this fabulous band, I have been watching them for the last 3-4 years since I first saw them in a small venue in Leeds. They will be back next month playing at Leeds Uni Stylus. The crowd is going wild and already knows the words to the album that is about to be released.

Time for our live broadcast again, out and about in the crowd chatting to people about their experiences at Bingley Music Live, and also talking to stall holders and organisers of children's events. Have to say that is is all positive, some are repeating, some are here for the first time but all say they will be back. Many point out the friendly and helpful attitude of all the staff and volunteers. De does the mechanical bull challenge and teaches everyone a new dance. 

Broadcast finalised I am gutted to only catch 1 song of Renegade Brass Band the huge crowd is dancing away for this Sheffield 9 piece band. One of the highlights of the day on stage 2 judging by the number of people who have mentioned them to me.

Back to Mainstage where the team are watching The Strypes. I liked this young rhythm and blues band a great deal, sometimes the hype is true. The guys are staying down but I'm heading back up to stage 2.

So with the broadcast finished I am now able to drink but real ale is not my only reason for visiting Stage 2. I have been looking forward to Young Kato and they do not disappoint. Love the track Drink Dance, Play which is kind of a festival theme tune in its self.

The smaller queues at the beer tent are actually my reason for staying in this area but what a stroke of local to catch the wonderful talent of Esther Turner. What a voice, she held a note like forever which had the whole crowd gasping and her lovely nature had them all behind her. A delight.

Next up are Saturday Stage 2 headliners Dexters great way to close this stage, excellent band who you can catch again at The Cockpit on 27th November. 
Last gig of the day for me, I'm bushed and head off before Example (next year maybe I will get a deck chair (or maybe not).

Bingley Music Live Review: Day 1

There's something strange about Bingley, you want to tell people how good it is, but you don't want to tell too many because its like our hidden secret, that little music gem in the calendar that only we from round here know about! This was my 5th Bingley in a row, and it was another cracker!

This year I teamed with my BCB colleagues so spent part of my days on outside broadcast with 3 live shows over the 3 days. This has been great fun, a little challenging at times trying to broadcast from a noisy festival but a good experience.

The Struts
I am there for the start of the festival on Friday. I am really pleased to see The Struts opening the main stage, I'd happened to catch their set on the second stage the previous year and was excited to see their return to the bigger stage. Its raining quite heavily when they come on but you don't seem to notice due to the mesmerizing performance of the lead singer, he is wearing the coolest blue poncho styled shirt I have seen. The band isn't all the frontman though, these guys can really play too. Luke Spiller the lead vocalist is off stage now, down in the crowd with audience sat round him in a circle, then its back on stage for the final, he has everyone at the front crouched down ready to jump up and go mental when the music really kicks in again. Brilliant start to the day.

Fiona Jane from Woman's Hour
Next up I go to stage 2 to catch Woman's Hour on the recommendation of Joseph from the BCB team, its now absolutely hammering down and many people are taking refuge in the beer tent, excellent recommendation indeed. Beautiful music and lovely sultry vocals too, I ordered the album as soon as I got home. When the audience clapped after one of the songs, the singer said she felt she ought to be applauding the audience instead, towards the end of the set, it stopped raining and the front of the stage quickly filled to watch the rest in the dry. This band are playing at the Belgrave Music Hall on 26th September, you won't be disappointed if you go see them.

Its back to mainstage where a special set is taking place, its brilliant when you see something
Dave McCabe & Ian Skelley
unique at a festival, Dave McCabe from The Zutons and Ian Skelly from The Coral are doing a special acoustic set as a tribute to Alan Wills who tragically died this year. Alan Wills' Deltasonic label launched the careers of The Coral and The Zutons and both bands have played Bingley in the past. Funniest moment of the set was when Dave McCabe introduced Ian Skelley as used to be in The Coral, to which he replied I am still in The Coral! Oh yes we the ones that split up says McCabe. It was just like watching 2 friends having a jam together and a real privilege to be watching it.

BCB Team out and about the Festival
The Selecter
For the next couple of hours I join the BCB team for our first 2 hours live broadcast form the festival our aim has been to take the festival atmosphere to people who have not been able to make the festival this year and hopefully encourage people to get on board with it in future years. Amazingly as we start our broadcast The Selecter are singing "On My Radio" on mainstage! We chat to people who have come from just down the road but also to many who had travelled some distance for the festival. I do a sneaky disappearing act during this time as I must see at least one song by The Selecter who have everyone jumping up and down. All the shows from the festival are on our Listen Again feature.

Due to broadcasting I am not able to see one of the main acts of the day Gaz Coombes, in
Eliza and The Bear
conversations with folks at the festival this is one of the standout acts from the weekend. Maybe next time! I am however in time to make it to stage 2 for Eliza and The Bear who are absolutely fantastic, another EP bought after listening to them. The are playing the Cockpit on October 12th, well worth getting a ticket for that one. I think I've found my new favourite band. I have to say over the last few years the quality of the acts on the second stage is quite something. It has been very busy all week too, as a lot of people come to check out the new up and coming talent which is great. I have dubbed it the Music Lover stage as its where I bump into people I regularly see out supporting new talent. 

Headline act today is Shed Seven, I was quite surprised by how many songs I knew of Shed Seven, the crowd certainly knows them all and joins in each and every one. Good end to a great first day and guess what? The Sun is coming out tomorrow!