Friday, 28 March 2014

Under 18s stage announced at Long Division (press release)

Long Division Festival announced it has secured funding from Wakefield Council to introduce a new under 18s stage at this year’s event.

The festival, run by music fanzine, Rhubarb Bomb, received the money, alongside Unity Works, as part of the Creative Partners Project, which aims to support innovative cultural events within the city.

The funding will bring a new stage to this year’s festival which will be open to under 18s for the first time.  A series of events will also take place across the Wakefield district leading up to the weekend to encourage young people to take up music.

Dean Freeman, organiser of Long Division Festival, said: “We believe that opportunities for Wakefield's young musicians are severely lacking in the region. Not enough live music venues are catering to the U18 age bracket and as a result, many do not develop an interest or an outlet for their musical skills.

We hope by introducing a new stage for young musicians and fans that we encourage people a new generation of young and creative people.”

Long Division Festival 2014 will take place from 12 -14 September, moving from its previous date in June. The first big headliners will be revealed at a launch event at Wah Wah Records on Brook Street, Wakefield from 7pm. The event is free with the first tickets for sale that evening.

Long Division will be the first event staged in the new co-operative run Unity Hall on Westgate. The hall consists of a 700 capacity music venue, with a second space and café.

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