Sunday, 12 May 2013

Radio Playlist 9th May 2013

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio. 

You can listen to the latest show on this blog, by clicking on the YMC on The Radio tab, or on our website 

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Our studio guests were Vinnie Whitehead from York and Mr. Gary C. from Leeds

What we played: 

Country Boy by Myfanwy

Paid Slave Blues, I'm not from America I'm from Hull (live) and 4 or 5 Canner by Vinnie Whitehead 

Tangled State by In Between Echoes
West Yorks

This is The Moment, My Long Winded Way and Folsom Prison Blues (Live) by Mr Gary C 

Stand by Notion 

Try by Icarus

Renown by Roman Bison 

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