Sunday, 30 September 2012

Radio Playlist 27 September 2012

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio. You can listen to the 27th September show on this blog, by clicking on the YMC on The Radio tab, or on our website

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Our studio guests were Kath and The Kicks from Leeds 

What we played:

The Hunt by We Were Frontiers 

Selfishness and Summer Rain, Catch a Star and Billy and the Pool Cue live tracks by Kath and The Kicks 

Tonight by The Halstead Clan
The Halstead Clan

Borrowed Hearts by The Clouded Lights 

I call that bold talk for a one eyed man by The Delarue Brothers 

Scuba by Marsicans

If that’s all you know by The Do’s 

Mr President we’re in trouble by Fold 

Bad Trip by Utopian Love Revival

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