Thursday, 5 July 2012

Keep It Live - YMC June Diary

Sunday June 2nd BD6 Live at Wibsey Working Mens Club. First gig of the month is a really enjoyable all day event. First on were Peculiar Faces, 3 piece rock indie rock band. I’ve seen photos of them on facebook as a 4 piece so don’t know if they were a member down. Good set in any case. Next up was Subject Citizen ( Danny Egan), I do love this guy, such a versatile performer, not sure how he can sing so fast and the reggae acoustic tunes are just fantastic. Next up are Twisted Culture, 4 piece electronic band. First time I’ve seen them, really enjoyed this set, will look out for them again.

They are followed by The Rudiments, I like this Bradford 4 piece a great deal, good solid set, not sure why I’ve only just noticed today that the drummers provides some excellent backing vocals. Next up are Kascarade, I saw them do a couple of acoustic numbers  recently – they are a band I really like either as a full band or an acoustic one –  but tonight they are doing a full electric set. They are a 5 piece, the keyboards add a great deal to this guitar band, good solid songs.

The Dawnriders are on next. Nice to see the lads from Redwire supporting their bandmates other band too. The Dawnriders always deliver, I think they are one of the best live bands around. Fantastic set. Headliners tonight are The Mexanines, they gig a huge amount so regularly appear in the YMC diaries. Great set as usual.
Seriously good day!

Tuesday 5th of June is the regular open mic night at Factory Street Studios.  The night starts off with Keystone, an acoustic duo from Featherstone. Great vocals and very entertaining. They are followed by Joe Kemp. I haven’t seen him solo before, I have seen him in the band Soul Circle Gang. I was really impressed with this set, was totally mesmerized by Joe’s haunting vocals and jazzy guitar. Next up were Distorted Sky , aged between 12-13 they totally amazed the audience with their musicianship and stage presence. They were followed by the first featured artist Kascarade, this time doing an acoustic set. It was a very well thought out set – not a stripped down version of the full band, but specifically crafted songs for an acoustic performance, members changing instruments and wonderful songs. Headline act is Boss Caine, singer songwriter from York. He has an amazing voice which really grabs your attention, thought he was brilliant and bought his albums.

Thursday 7th June at Empire Leeds. I went to see M.A.S.K.S. who had sent me some great tracks to the radio and who I’ve been promising to see live some time. Very impressed with the great sound produced from a three piece of drums, bass and keys. The lead singer has a great voice. Brilliant! Next up are The Covelles, not seen these before but was really liked them. They are followed by British Daylight. Unfortunately during the second song the guitarist broke two strings, hats off to The Covelles who lent them a guitar to carry on. Good set from this fast paced indie-rock band.

Saturday 9th I went to the Rock School half term gig – I do love these events, amazing to see the good work done in a week of classes and wonderful to see so many young people enjoying music.

Tuesday 12th Open Mic night at Glyde House, featuring Nadeem Leigh, amazing voice, it gives me goosebumps. Good sets also from Paul Carey, Simon P. Kelly and Katherine.

Thursday 14th MaƱana Nights at Carpe Diem. First on was Rory Scammell aka The Hurdy Gurdy man. Anybody who sees Rory for the first time just sits mesmerized by this instrument, I think it has quite a hypnotic effect.  He rapped to one song, fantastic! He was followed by Bury The Ladybird, young band from The Midlands, great set. Very tight band with an excellent female singer.

Friday 15, The Coopers secret gig, subject of a separate blog

Wednesday 20th, an Acoustic night at Glyde House, first on was Georgette Hilton, a young singer from Leeds accompanied by an acoustic guitar, doing a mixture of original and cover songs. She was followed by Black Horse Fairy, a duo from Keighley who sing songs about horror, love, menace and madness, despite that introduction I enjoyed the set. Next up was Martin Plock, I’ve played him on the radio and liked the album he sent me – excellent set of good songs and a bit of banter in between. Last on tonight was Chas T who chose to play off stage up close with the audience. Excellent set – really enjoyed his songs.

Thursday 21st , Carpe Diem, first night for new promotions company ThisandThat, first on were This Legion – good 3-piece band from Leeds, very good set. They were followed by The Artists, 5 piece local band, with a really good set too. Next up were Littlemores, a name I’ve seen around a lot but not managed to see before. I really enjoyed this set, good songs and a good use of instruments, including brass and acordian. Had to leave before British Daylight’s set which was a shame.

Friday 22nd Battle of the Bands night at Empire. First on were Secret Sirens, who played an excellent set – they really put on a show, making use of fan and lights to create some nice effects, to back up the good music and songs. Next up were metal band Cor Amor who were very entertaining, really energetic set which I really enjoyed. They were followed by British Daylight, the band I’d not managed to see the day before. 5-piece indie rock band , they have some good fast paced tunes. Finally get to see Happy Daggers, thought their set was excellent. Next up are The Scandal , 3 piece indie rock band, quite funky – very tight band – good songs. Last one tonight are The Covelles, played as well as when I saw them the previous week. Good night!

Saturday 23rd, The Grove. First up was Whiter Than doing a totally acoustic set, a great mixture of original and cover songs. I have seen them a few times but the set was excellent tonight. They were followed by handmadehands in what I can only describe as a magical set. I love this band, their album is one of my favourites and tonight they were doing an acoustic set. They took over half the room and kept bringing instruments in at different times, a saw,  a small piano a double bass, a guitar with a ukulele gaffa taped on top. Instruments were brought in one at a time to a large crescendo then gradually taken out with the band disappearing with the gear in a campervan. Simply one of the best things I have seen in ages!

Sunday 24th, after helping to cover the Olympic torch relay with BCB, I headed up to factory street studios, as I had been invited by Blind Dead McJones band to Factory Street studios to listen to their new album played live in full and to take part in the recording of a live track for their album (yep my claps and cheers are on that track J). Fantastic evening, the new album is great – looking forward to it coming out and it was fun to watch the recording of the live track, with the band joined by friends on Saxophone, Harmonica,  piano and guitar. Afterwards, we could listen back to the recordings in Factory Street’s amazing studio.

Tuesday 26th, battle of the bands for a place at Bingley Music Live at St. Georges Hall. Playing were 12:27, M.A.S.K.S., Alice At Last, Dan Audio and The Mirrortones. Really good night as all 5 bands acts were excellent, the winner of this heat being Dan Audio. It finished in time for me to head to Glyde House for the open mic, which was really packed when I got there. Good to see this night growing, think it’s a combination of the quirky venue and the excellent sound.
Wednesday 27th, battle of the bands heat 2. Marsicans, Sulu Babylon, You Had Me at Hello, Little Victories and Silvertin, who won the heat. Another good quality night.

Thursday 28th, New Model Army at Utopia, subject of a different blog.

Friday 29th, battle of the bands heat at Empire Leeds. First on were Stray Scene,  indie rock band. They are followed by the Sailmakers, these are a polished band with good tunes and great harmonies. They are followed by PaperPlane, excellent vocalist/guitarist. Last one on tonight are  Dirty Green Vinyl, good three-piece with hints of The Ramones.

Saturday 30th, Feel the benefit gig at Melbourne St. Studios. It’s a mixture of music and dance, its very relaxed. Good sets from Tenzin Haarhaus and Lisa Glover.

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