Saturday, 2 June 2012

Redwire Single Launch - Live Lounge at Utopia

I was so impressed with Utopia the week before that I looked forward to Redwire single launch all week. 3 great Local Bands on the line-up.

The venue was already busy by 9pm when I arrived, this evening had a special 14+ license and its great to see so many young people in as well, there really needs to be more places for the young music fans to go - they are after all the ones who are most passionate about music.

The first act is The Sailmakers, I first saw them a few years ago as a 3 piece acoustic act and was impressed by the lead singers voice and the lyrical content of the songs.

They are now a full 5 piece folk-rock band, the sound is much more powerful yet strangely enough it seems to enhance the music and lyrics that attracted me to them in the first place. They have added a female vocalist and with the bassist also doing backing vocals there are some great harmonies around the strong lead vocals. I expect to be seeing much more of this band, they would fit into any line-up with their melodic well thought out songs. Very strong set which is getting some appreciative applause from the crowd.

Next up is Sharp Darts, quite a while since I've seen them live and the reason is soon apparent, they have new material and a really funky vibe going on - they've obviously been hidden away writing and practising. 

They're now a 6 piece band, the addition of keyboards is bringing some nice new sounds in too, but I think its the funky bass and guitar sounds that really hook me tonight. Excellent set from start to finish, I especially liked the last song "In My Head" and was really please to be given a CD with this on after the gig.

Tonight however is about launching Redwire's new single, Live Today Die Tomorrow. 

I've always loved a Redwire party - the place is heaving and Redwire's fans are bouncing. This band have a real connection with their followers, new songs, old songs, it doesn't matter everyone know the words and sings along at one with the band - the audience is truly an extra band member with this band.

I like the addition of an extra guitarist to the line-up, gives the songs much more weight and the front man needs to be free to do what he does best - sing and engage the crowd. Great entertainment, Redwire know what their fans want and give it to them.


  1. Good review Michelle, it was a good night really enjoyed!!

    1. Yes, its was great to see a large place full for 3 local bands!