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Keep It Live - YMC May Diary

Not a review of such, just an account of where I've been (mainly so I can remember :))

Starting off the month on 1st May, first Tuesday in every month is the open mic night in association with Yorkshire Gig Guide/Yorkshire Music Collective that normally takes place at factory street studios. Due to unforeseen circumstances it couldn’t be held at the studios and Live Lounge Utopia kindly stepped in to host this evening. Open mic slots are taken by Bradford band Kascarade, Liz Narey and Whiter Than. The first of the featured acts tonight were Station Lane, young band from Birkenshaw who do a really good set, I think this band have great potential. After this there is another open mic act called Josh Doyle and then the headline act tonight which is Ryan Spendlove. He’s just come back from an American tour and it was great to see him in Bradford. What a fabulous set!

The Well (SIRAStudios photo)
Saturday 5th May was Live at Leeds – I started off the day in the sunshine watching The Artists in the ELFM awning stage just outside the ticket exchange. Walked down to Milo to see British Daylight and was amazed that the venue was already crowded at 12 o’clock. Good set by this young band. Next I walked up to Nation of Shopkeepers to The Mexanines who were brilliant as always. It was heaving in there and when I came out there was a queue past Escobar to get in! I carried on up to the Well to see Unions, who I really enjoyed, and Barefoot Beware who were great. Then I went to Leeds Met to see Redwire, it was packed in there too and a large number of Redwire fans were in there making it a really lively gig. Then I went back to The Well to see Wot Gorilla. Good atmosphere in The Well, busy but you can still get in and out no bother so I decide to chuck my previously made timetable and stay there, catching some of Post War Glamour Girls and Hawkeye. Then I went back up to Leeds Met to see We are Augustines who were brilliant. I also caught a large part of Lianna La Havas’s set and was very impressed with her. And after that I decided to go home.

10th of May I went to the fortnightly open mic at Glyde House in Bradford. Featured act was Simon Kelly, I do like his storytelling songs and other people playing were Andrew Wood, Liz Narey and Mat White.
Thurday 11th May I called in at Empire to catch Do Miss America, Bradford band who have featured on the show and whose album I love, first time I’ve caught them live and wasn’t disappointed.  After that I headed up to Carpe Diem for the MaƱana Nights gig and saw Sworn to Oath and Broken.

Friday 18th was Jack’s Attic EP launch subject of a separate blog
Saturday 19th bit of venue hopping, subject of a separate blog

Thursday 24th I went to Bad Brains night at Carpe Diem, and saw Leeds band The Swindells, been a while since I joined in their signature tune “Yorkshire”! and also Bradford punks The Drastics, who gave a customary good energetic performance.

On Saturday I headed into Leeds for the first “Feel The Benefit” gig. This is a monthly event which raises money for different charities each month. It’s held at Melbourne St. Studios which is a cool event space. There was a comedian (very funny) and also a magician (amazing) as well as music. I saw Andrei Nosov’s blues band play a really good set. Unfortunately I had to leave before the other 2 bands played.

On Sunday I went to an open mic afternoon at Kala Sangham in Bradford. I saw that Martin Christie, Poet and Loops artist was hosting the event and although we have known each other “virtually” for many years we’ve never actually met before. 

The event was organized by Bradford Artfarmers and the space was full of visual arts. There were poets and novelists reading too. Really enjoyable afternoon – spent mostly in the company of the lovely Yorkshire Gig Guide – and I thoroughly enjoyed Martin Christies songs and loops!

Tuesday 29th was the open mic night at Glyde House in Bradford, it was a fantastic night – such talented performers all night, I really can’t remember all the names so I won’t list because I enjoyed everyone who played very much. Though I will mention Paul Carey who was on the show a few weeks ago and Nadeem Leigh whose voice blew us all away. There is always a featured artist and this week it was Whiter Than, three-piece band with guitar, violin and bass. Excellent set.

Last day of the month, Thursday.  I popped into the New Conservatory and caught Rob Galloway doing a few tracks, I loved him as the frontman of Yalla Yallas with his thrilling energetic performances but I really enjoyed his raw stripped back set tonight. 

Later I went to a gig that had been cancelled, so headed off to Milo instead where I managed to see The Shrinks, rock three piece, who always have a lot of support. Quite a while since I’ve seen them and thoroughly enjoyed the set.

May has been a pretty good month :)

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