Friday, 15 June 2012

The Coopers Secret Gig

About a month ago, I chanced upon an a post on facebook about a secret charity gig featuring The Coopers. The only information was that it was in Bradford and the date. Neither being a problem for me, I contacted the email address and asked if I could attend the gig. I was accepted and told that I would find out the exact location a couple of days before the gig.

Incredibly, when the location arrived, it turned out to be literally round the corner from my house! I was rather surprised because the address looked like a private residence. Doors were at 7.30 and I arrived to attend the gig to find that indeed it was to take place in the organisers apartment. The gigs was in aid of Christians Against Poverty, after paying the door fee I went upstairs to the living room which had been turned into a venue with bar included, drinks were available for a donation, this was such a cool place, the apartment had some beautiful beams and columns and plenty of space for the 60 people that have been invited to the gig, which was a really good number. 

 First to take to the stage was a singer/songwriter called Paul Thomas Saunders, he has an incredible voice and some nice harmonies are provided by the backing singer Kate. His songs are quite melancholy which probably are the most suited to his vocals. 

 In the interval we are all given a gift from the Coopers, everyone in the room has a parcel which a label on saying "wait". The Coopers set starts off with some strange music from a record player, a sort of relaxation LP with birds singing, as they move into their first song Wolves. This is followed by the single from last year "Ripples", I love this song it seems to sum up the Coopers in a nutshell, it oozes happiness and thoughts of summer and good times. 

The next song was Autumn, a new song for me, really liked it and was pleased to see that it's on the new EP. After this track we are allowed to open our parcels, which are not all the same, mine contains a party popper, a tea light and a tub of bubbles. We are going to get to use the first of our gifts in the next song "What you wanted" when we hear a count of 4 we can explode our party poppers. The nervous anticipation almost makes me not be aware of the song! The crowd is ready though and on the count of four there is a simultaneous explosion of poppers.

 After this they close the curtains and Chelsea Cooper lights her tea light and uses her flame to light someone in the audiences and we all start to light each others which is a lovely way to all feel part of something special. The song Hello is a perfect soundtrack to the lovely atmosphere created. Apart from the audience participation, the Coopers are a joy to watch, the use of bells, keyboards, percussion, drums, bass and acoustic guitar is wonderful and all delivered with a smile, which is totally infectious as I'm only seeing happy faces here. 

 Next up is the single, I played this on the show a few weeks ago, its called Summers Child and is an excellent tune - no prompting necessary here for everyone to get blowing bubbles - can you ever grow out of blowing bubbles? Those with no bubbles in their parcel have not been forgotton and wine bottles filled with different levels of water are handed out to bubbleless people to accompany the song Bread. With the Coopers alternately playing and directing the makeshift orchestra of bottles a really cool sound is created. 

 A truly brilliant night, which I feel really privileged to have been a part of. Hats off to the organisers!
The Coopers Website

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