Sunday, 20 May 2012

Keep it Live - YMC Saturday Diary

There are so many gigs Saturday night that it’s hard to make a choice and you often want to clone yourself to go to more.

I headed in to Leeds to see a new band’s first gig, which was part of the Grain Division night at Carpe Diem. I got there in time for the first band on called Tuesday Lates from Doncaster., a four piece indie rock band with a good set of catchy tunes.

Screamin' Sisters, photo by Grain Division
At the end of this set I nip next door to Escobar see Subject Citizen (Danny Egan) a singer/songwriter from Leeds.  So glad I didn’t miss this, Danny is a great performer, with excellent songs, and some amusing banter between songs.

Set finished, I rush back next door to catch the last couple of songs by Euthemia, young rock band from Leeds who is one of the finalists at the Centre Stage competition. 

Next is the band I came to see, its Screamin’ Sisters debut gig. It’s funny going to see a band when you have absolutely no idea what they sound like. Even though none of them are strangers to the stage as they have all played in other bands, this is an excellent first gig together and a great hard hitting rock set, love it!

Next I hop on the train to Bradford to see The Smiths Ltd at Utopia. Utopia is a new live venue in Bradford, it was previously a night club and is now just beginning to shake of that reputation and start getting known as a good live music place. It’s a fantastic venue, a good high stage, good sound for the crowd and the bands with a big lighting rig as well.  It has capacity up to 700 as well, in the coming months New Model Army will be performing here and Scars on 45 will be doing a special homecoming show.  First point of call is the bar of course and I’m pleasantly surprised how reasonable the prices are!

The Smiths Ltd
Tonight the headliners are the tribute band The Smiths Ltd. The venue is busy and the band comes on stage. The band are self confessed Smiths nuts who have taken great pains to reproduce the Smiths on stage, using the same equipment as the Smiths used on their last tour. The singer has a very strong resemblance to Morrissey and sounds incredibly like him too. The venue is full of unconditional fans as well who are singing along to all the songs. It’s a great atmosphere and the band does a very complete set with all the Smiths classics.

Fun night, I’ll be back for more next week when Redwire launch their single with support from The Sailmakers and Sharp Darts.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Jack's Attic EP Launch at Empire

A couple of months ago, Jack's Attic were guests on the show to talk about their upcoming EP Launch in Wakefield. Shortly after the venue closed down, leaving the launch up in the air. This would have been a bit disheartening to some bands, but not to Jack's Attic who decided to book not one but two nights at Empire, Leeds for their launch.

Support acts The Sunbeams and Dirty Charmer are not short of fans either and the venue is already buzzing when I get there, good sets by the 2 support acts who have warmed us all up ready for the headliners.

The venue is full when Jack's Attic take to the stage and they start off with the fast paced "Faces" a track from the new EP "Solitary Bliss". With a venue packed with unconditional Jack's Attic fans it would be tempting to turn out just the older songs but Jack's Attic are passionate about their music and interperse the set with 3 brand new songs, a couple even getting their first airing. I am loving the gig tonight, such a great combination of new songs  and some old favourites such as the first single Playing Cards and Special Brew, which everyone can sing along to. I'm delighted to hear my favourite track on the EP, Realisation, played live. Also Stardom in Soho, which is an old live favourite and also included on the new EP.

There is a nice surprise as a violinist comes on stage, to the delight of the crowd, to perform Never Be Alone, a track from the EP with string arrangements. Another surprise for me is seeing an acoustic guitar in some of the songs, I've not seen this before at their gigs. At some point all the band members are providing backing vocals, including the drummer which adds some great harmony to the rock tunes.

This band have a great stage presence, they are all incredible individual talents but they are one of the tightest units you could see, lead by a great frontman. The songs are varied - there's a few different styles here, psychedelic rock, plain old rock, grunge yet it all fuses into their own sound. 

In all 16 songs well played and highly entertaining.

Go see this band!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Radio Playlist - 17 May 2012

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every other Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio. You can listen to the 17th May show on this blog, by clicking on the YMC on The Radio tab, or on our website 

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Our studio guests were Down The Machine from Leeds 

What we played: 

Follow Me by Audit Control 

Live tracks: Roman Candle, Let You In and Losing Faith by Down The Machine 

Hickory Dickory by Talk to Angels 

The Headless Horseman by Hamerex 

Leave This All Behind by The Do’s 

Words that mean nothing by handmadehands 

1+2 by RAMS pocket radio 
Northern Ireland

Listen to Me by Distorted Sky 

Waking Dream by Unions 

Always been you by Seaton

Invisible by Redwire 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Radio Playlist - 3 May 2012

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every other Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio.

You can listen to the 3rd May show on this blog, by clicking on the YMC on The Radio tab.

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Our studio guests were Boxing Club from Wakefield

What we played:

Karolina by The Scandal

Time Machine, Right On Trend (live) and Long Time Dead (Live) by Boxing Club

Temple of Saints by Whiskey Velvet

Lily’s Dreams by Alice at Last

And the darkness bangs by cold in Berlin

Let It Go by Fossil Collective

My World by matthew Mcgurty

Breezeblock by Alt-J

Fast Cars and Razorblades by Mike Gatto band
Leeds and North East