Saturday, 21 April 2012

Radio Playlist - 19 April 2012

Yorkshire Music Collective broadcasts every other Thursday at 10pm on BCB Radio. 

You can listen to the 19th April show on this blog, by clicking on the YMC on The Radio tab. 

Don't forget to send your music to and post any events in the facebook group, or tweet us on 

Our studio guests were Paul Carey and Jonathan Taylor from Indigo Blade 

What we played: 19 Degrees by Daniel Clark 

Wash Over Me, Is it Me, I've Got Soul by Paul Carey & Indigo Blade 

Invisible by Giant David 

Strength in Sickness by Jacques and the Giants 
North East 

Muscle Memory by British racing Green 

Reason to Believe by Mike Kershaw 

Runaway by PaperPlane 

Call off the Wedding by Do Miss America 

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