Saturday, 21 April 2012

CentreStage Finalists 2012

I've had a truly incredible week at CentreStage, it is great to be part of such an excellent project that first and foremost raises money for Martin House Children's Hospice and secondly gives huge support to young people in music. I took part in the judging and it has been an extremely difficult task to narrow so many good acts down to just 12 for the final.

I'm just posting links to the bands who are in the final (which will be at 02 Academy on 17th July), please go and check them out you won't be disappointed!

All the photos in this blog are by the amazing Shot by Sodium 


Distorted Sky Sky/237090719675407



Indecisive Crisis

British Daylight

Paper Plane

The Artists

Seas of Green

The Scandal

Another Life

Traffic Wire

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