Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Kascarade Present a Night of Live Music at The Playhouse

There have been a couple of weeks of uncertainty about this gig as Bradford Playhouse went into liquidation, fortunately the bookings have been respected and all the hard work that Kascarade have put into organising and promoting the gig is about to show its fruits.

Kascarade Acoustic Set
The event actually starts the week before for me as I have been invited to an intimate acoustic gig with Kascarade in the cellar bar of the Playhouse. 

A stripped down Kascarade are all sitting down and producing some amazing harmonies as all 5 members sing. Sometimes you need to see the acoustic version of a band to pick up on just what talented vocalists they have. 

It's a while since I've heard them full on electric and its the first time I've seen their acoustic set but I'm loving the different slant on the songs.

Finally the big day arrives. There is one slight mishap as Waiting for Wednesday all have food poisoning and are unable to attend. In view of this the organisers change their original plan of acoustics downstairs and bands on the main stage and decide to put everyone on the mainstage. Although this means that things are surely going to run behind schedule its a good decision in my opinion as all the acts can benefit from the great sound upstairs.

The first band on is The Rudiments, four piece indie rock band with a very 90´s feel. I've seen them a few times recently, they are good band to watch, always play a solid set and tonight is no exception in spite of the bass player having a broken wrist. 

Next its the turn of the first of the acoustic acts, The Red Pills, who are doing a stripped down set, the drummer is using brushes and there are 2 acoustic guitars to acompany the lead singer of this punk band. Entertaining.

Red Light City
Photo by Matthew Jerram
They are followed by Red Light City who play mostly covers but have a couple of their own songs in the set as well, good band, a few people are now up dancing and seems pleased to hear songs they know, I would like to here more of their own stuff, I liked the singers voice a lot and the backing vocals are great too.

Next up are New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack, unfortunately I have to make a quick dash across town to pick up some equipment and cannot see their set but was told by others there that they had played a good acoustic set and engaged the audience with some controversial comments. Having seen them both electric and acoustic in recent weeks I know what good things they are capable of.

Sharp Darts
Photo by Matthew Jerram
I am back in time to see Sharp Darts, 5 piece Bradford band. I really do enjoy this band, they just seem to get better and better, a collection of individual talents that gel perfectly together. The lead singer sings with a passion and maturity that defies his young face. Since I first saw them a couple of years ago, when they sounded a great deal like their influences they have developed their own style and are a solid band who pick up new fans every time they play.

Photo by Matthew Jerram
And finally it's time for the headliners to play. Kascarade, the 5 piece Bradford band, are on stage and kick their set off with Cover Me over, a catchy love song. Next up is one of the first songs I heard by this band a couple of years ago when they were Faze, Northern Reign, it shows how much this band have progressed with the addition of new members and also shows that they have also been able to build on some solid songs as this sounds great. Adding keyboards has given the band a really different sound and it works very well. Do You Believe is a regular song on Kascarade's set list, and people are moving closer to the stage. It's quite hard to define this band they have a good set of songs which are verging on psychedelic rock but at the same have catchy lyrics, and with all five members providing vocals/backing vocals there are some great harmonies over some solid rock tunes. To me they seem like a fusion of the best of the 60s and the 90s. The set is building in momentum with the lead singer changing between acoustic and electric guitar. I am really impressed by the live version of When the Lights are Low which was the single they released in aid of the Blue Lamp Foundation which is what this gig is raising money for tonight. The crowd is still jumping around despite the late hour and you can't help but groove with this band. They really rock it out with Stomp and finish an excellent set with Coming Back to Me. I'll be coming back to a Kascarade gig as soon as I can.

This was an all round brilliant night!

Michelle Dalgety, Yorkshire Music Collective

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