Sunday, 18 September 2011

Yorkshire Music Collective/I 'Heart' Indie with Thirteen 16 at Bingley Music Live

I am around early on Saturday morning so I am in plenty of time to catch Thirteen 16, the first band of the day, this is a very young 3 piece metal band from Bradford. They play a really good set and most importantly look as if they are enjoying it. They have a powerful sound for a three piece with some great riffs. I manage to catch up with them just after for a quick chat.

Thirteen 16
Chris Larner Photography
The lads introduce themselves, we have Squish who plays bass, Joe the drummer and Liam is the guitarrist and vocalist. I ask them how they think their set went and in a chorus they say awesome, it was their best gig. I 
ask them if they have a lot of gigging experience and they say they've done a lot of gigs but obviously nothing of this size. I asked how they had prepared for the gig and they said they'd given a lot of thought to the  songs, they'd even thought about shortening some of their songs too in order to fit in the 20 mins.

I wonder what they think playing at BML might do for them as a band, they think it has helped them gain some new fans and are excited that a lot of people have asked for a photo taking with them or asked them to sign things.

Thirteen 16
Chris Larner Photography
They tell me that they have been together for nearly two years after meeting at Rock School at Factory Street Studios, I ask if they had played individually before meeting up and they tell me they were all beginners when they started the rock school, Squish and Liam knew each other from school but hadn't played together.

I ask them who they are looking forward to seeing and they say that first they are really enjoyed Skindred last night and were looking forward to Maximo Park and Feeder today and are overjoyed that they have been able to play on the same stage.

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