Friday, 19 February 2010

Introducing...Meet The Committee

YMC chats to Sean, Joe and Matt from Meet the Committee

YMC: How long have you being playing together, how did you all meet?

Sean: Joe and Matt work together and were in another band called The Hit and Runs. When that band split, they started this new group. They answered an ad I placed online so I joined them for practice and they haven't been able to kick me out! That was two years ago!

YMC: Who writes the songs?

Sean: Joe will generally turn up with some lyrics and and basic melodies. We'll spend some time running through a basic version of the song and gradually craft a complete version together as a band.

YMC: What music are you listening to at the moment?

Matt: I'm still listening to the latest Paddingtons album in my car, mainly because I keep forgetting to take cd's out of the house. Still a great album though.

Sean: I'm currently listening to Marina and the Diamonds and waiting for the debut album. Other than that, I've got the latest Biffy Clyro album on pretty regularly.

Joe: I'm liking a band from America at the moment called 'Fake Problems'

YMC: What venues do you like to play at? Have you found it easy to get gigs?

Joe: I really enjoyed the PM Bar last time we played, the sound was top notch.

Sean: Personally, I like the Mannville Arms. It's got a good sound and atmosphere which means I can really get into the songs.

Matt: I enjoyed Delius before it changed hands, now it's Mannville Arms for me aswell.

YMC: Can you dance when you're sober?

Joe: I can't dance at all, my limbs are far too long. However, when I've been boozing I believe that I can.

The other night I accidently punched an old fella when I was 'dancing' in the pub.

Sean: I have to have a few ciders before i hit the dance floor, but i'll definately dance when i'm drunk.

Matt: Aye, a few ciders for me before I get anywhere near that dancefloor
ps...I was gutted that I missed Joe punch that fella whilst dancing.

YMC: Do you have any gigs coming up or recording plans for this year?

Sean: We're heading to Ivolv studios to record a new track very soon, but the plan is to get a further three tracks recorded in the coming months.

Joe: Yeah, recording a new set of demos is priority at the moment. The last lot are over a year old. We've got a handful of new songs that are in development and not quite gig ready yet. They're a lot darker and heavier than our older stuff... we love them and hope to get them recorded asap.

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