Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Yorkshire Music Collective/Dead Sober Records Launch 14+ Event

When we were organizing Leeds Festival Fringe, we wanted to have an under-18 event as we'd had many applications to play from young bands and all venues on board were strictly over 18.

Can't be that difficult can it? Well it was and we weren't able to get a suitable place in time for the festival.

This is why, once the festival was over, we made it our maximum priority to find a suitable venue to host a 14+ event with a great selection of young local talent.

We have found that perfect venue in Eiger Music Studios, only a 10 minute walk from Leeds Station and we can't think of a better place to launch our record label, Dead Sober Records.

This is our amazing line-up for the launch on 13th November 2010:

Penguin (headline)
Sunday for The Suspect
Jack's Attic
White Comic
The Rogue Hearts
Poaching for Mammoths
Fake Blood Donation
Katie Richardson

We think there is a real need for events of this type in Leeds - please tell all your 14+ friends to support this event, so we can make it a success and it can become a regular thing.

Tickets will be available from the bands of from Yorkshire Music collective by the end of the week, so get in touch if you need some. Entry fee is £4.

Dead Sober Records will be specializing in under-21 bands, send us your mp3's to info@leedsfestivalfringe.org, drop a demo off at Carpe Diem or post one to Dead Sober Records, c/o Carpe Diem, Calvery Street, Leeds, LS1 3ED

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