Thursday, 7 October 2010


YMC chats to M62 Goddam's Bill Hudson and Cecil Zinyuku about their new album

YMC: How long have you been working on the album?

M62 Goddam's new album Credit Crunch Blues is the culmination of 15 months in the studio at Fartown, Huddersfield. 

YMC: What's the inspiration for the album?

We wanted to scratch under the surface of the credit crunch, to put some life and gallows humour into the dry statistics of economic chaos and collapse. So it began as a concept album, a post-modern blues. The hero was not a sharecropper but a white collar worker down on his luck at the sharp end of capitalism. 

YMC: So is it a blues album?

Well from being a blues album it developed into something brighter, a silver lining in the cloud of shares diving, budget deficit and all those other horrors. We wanted a bit of kitchen sink drama spiced with earthy humour and introduced a character called Winston and his boss at a Yorkshire toilet roll factory, a redoubtable Mr Eckmun'wike, whose business is literally going down the pan, in a reggae number called Moonpig's On Heat. The album touches on tabloid obessions with aliens, in UFOs, and on the world of internet scammers and charlatans in Burkina Fastbuck, and then in Internet Lurve God. One song, Prozac Donkey, featuring rapper Dave Collins and co-written by him, was inspired by a headline, Prozac Donkey, spotted in the Daily Star of Scotland, about a forlorn ass rescued from the slaughterhouse in France. Our version is a comment on certain prescription drugs. Another track, Scouse Rap, is our tribute to the great port city of LIverpool and some of its scallies. We've run off 100 CD copies of Credit Crunch Blues, fusing soul, rap, blues, rocksteady and comedy. A follow-up is already being planned, entitled Green Shoots.

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