Friday, 22 October 2010

The Bazaars to release new single

YMC chats to The Bazaars from Leeds

YMC: You formed in 2004, disbanded in 2007 and reformed in 2009 - was it easy to get everyone together again after such a long break?

Quite easy yeah, in that...we're all from the same area of Leeds and share the same friends. Actually our getting back together was entirely through Paul our new drummer getting in touch. He contacted us to see what we were up to, as his band had just split. The original Bazaars had all been discussing playing together again but we didnt have a drummer as our original one was long gone. Paul was always our No1, but we'd never gone near him out of respect for his then band. When he got in contact we had no choice but to get together and make music. He'd helped us out before on demos and we'd toured endlessly alongside his band prior to him joining so fitted perfectly.

YMC: What has everyone been working on during this absence?

Songs, music, writing, working, earning money to live and get through the week, watching the wheels.... 

YMC: Are you working with material you already had or trying new things?

We originally planned to get together and just record the songs that should have always made up our debut album, an album that for whatever reason never got recorded. The album's turned out to be a mix of original Bazaars songs and new songs too as we'd obviously kept writing whilst we were dormant. Quite a productive period actually. We approached all of the songs, old and new, with a totally fresh outlook. Everything we've done since recording the album has been new material, although there's hundreds of great songs still lying around.

YMC: What are you main influences, and who is exciting you at the moment?

As a band we all share a pretty similar musical outlook...we generally love anything and everything musically that we consider to be good, whatever the genre. I grew up on Hip Hop and West Coast American Rap, then in my teens found rock music through The Beatles and The Doors. Currently i like Tame Impala a new band from Perth, Australia - whos music i like a lot.

YMC: You are digitally releasing a double A-sided single "L'Attention/Visions", are there any plans for a physical release too?

100 bespoke CD copies will be being sold to accompany the digital release so if you live in Leeds you'll be able to get them from Crash/Jumbo. Its a first come first serve thing. We may be selling some through  too i think.

YMC: Are you planning to tour to accompany this release?

We're playing London and Leeds so far, with plenty more dates to come. We should have a big tour come through shortly. We'll keep everyone informed through our websites.

YMC: There have been a lot of changes in the music industry since 2004, do you think its getting easier or harder for bands just starting out?

Ultimately it comes down to tunes. There will always be thousands of bands out there all following the contemporary sound of the times, that will ultimately make them sound dated as time quickly passes. Bands and musicians who allow themselves to be free and follow their true spiritual influences - will succeed. By succeed I mean create great, timeless music. As far as the business side goes, these days its all about doing it for yourselves and being self sufficient and self reliant which is a good thing of course. Although it takes more money to navigate this route as the record companies have none, so there is a natural worry for the musicians, especially the really younger ones, who just dont have the funds avaliable

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