Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hound Dog Promotions chats about Acoustic Fringe

YMC chats to John McCabe from Hound Dog Promotions about the recent acoustic fringe

YMC: 7 nights of acoustic music, do you think there has been such an event before?

Not that I can recall in Leeds, and certainly not in the same way as Leeds Festival Fringe was

YMC: Do you think this first acoustic fringe has been successful?

I was completely blown away by the response from music fans, musicians and venues and of course the press. Everyone who supported the Fringe did so in such a huge way that I never expected, The turn out on the first night of Hound Dog Promotions was just phenomenal as it was on most other nights and from what I heard form other promoters that were involved it was the same there too, so yes I would say it has been a huge sucsess in a way which if I'm honest I never expected it to be.

YMC: What were the highlights for you?

Highlights. OOO thats a tough one because every night at The New Conservotry was in its own way special and all the acts who played were just fantastic. I think one of the things that stuck in my mind the most was "The Collective" a band consisting of Chris Sharp Sebastian John and Bernadette Dales who who all played solo sets during the Fringe and to see three such talented musicians playing together was just incredible.

The acoustic blues night that Houd Dog Promotions ran on the Sunday night of the fringe was one of the other highlights for me. Even though the turn out of crowd wasn't huge the musicians were just incredible, Chris Martin, Dac Charnley and Phillip Cockerham were playing, Gerry Cooper was also billed but unfortuantly due to personal circumstances was unable to play. But the musicans were just incredible, Chris Martin's tall tales never fail to amuse and his brand of sliding, finger picking blues never fails to captivate and Dac's own brand of blues was just made even more special when we saw a collaboration between Chris and Dac and then Phillip Cockerham offering a nice alternative on the blues. I'm sure the audience that were there will agree it made for just such a relaxing and lovely evening of acoustic blues sessions.

YMC: Do you think this is a good idea for the next Leeds Festival Fringe too?

I dont think there is a choice haha. From the very first night of Hound Dog Promotions nights and if I recall correctly during the very first act of the first night I was already being asked questions and having details requested about next years Fringe! So i think that is pretty much deicded for us.

YMC: Are you organizing any other events in the near future?

There is talk of possibly some night comming up with Houd Dog Promotions working in association with maybe one or two other promoters at a venue which I am not sure I can mention the name of but can say the latin meaning of the venues name is Seize the day and the venue may possibly be found around the Millenium Square area and hopefuly these nights will be early October.

YMC: How can people contact you if they are interested in playing for Hound Dog
Promotions in the future?

You can follow us on twitter: hounddogpromo or you can email hound dog promotions at

All dates of gigs that Hound Dog Promotions or associated promoters put on will be posted on our Twitter page and emailed out to anyone who signs up to our mailing list, you can sign up to our mailing list by emialing the same email address saying that you would like to bve put on the mailing list. If you are wanting Hound Dog Promotions to consider putting you on their database please email me with a sample of your music, website, stage name and short description of your act.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Fred, Matt, Nick and everone at The New Conservatory, anyone and everyone who came down to support the first ever Leeds Festival Fringe and of course the musicians, who were absolutly phenomenal, without all of these people the Fringe would not of been possible.

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