Monday, 9 August 2010

My Forever Playing Leeds/Reading Festival - Interview

YMC chats to Dave from My Forever about been chosen to play Leeds and Reading Festivals this year.

YMC: You met at a party last summer, did you imagine then you might be playing Leeds/Reading Festival?

Dave: Not at the time no way haha! Me and Roy always had an aim and goal to play Leeds & Reading festival and that goal was for next year (2011) so when we got told we were playing at this year's festival we were blown away and so happy! We feel so lucky to be given this opportunity so early on in the life of our band.

YMC: Tell us when you were notified that you were playing the introducing stage, how did you react?

Dave: I was at home recording demo's for some 'new' My Forever material and Roy was in Scarborough at his graduation and I just randomly checked the 'My Forever' email account and the first one that popped up was the email asking us to play at Leeds & Reading and at first I couldn't quite believe it, I had to rub my eyes a few times haha! I was so excited I immediately rang Roy who was in the middle of is graduation ceremony and he whispered down the phone "whats up dave, im in the middle of graduation"... and i told him the good news and he immediately shouted at the top of his voice "YESSS, woohoooo" and all his friends apparently turned and looked at him and when he told everyone they all erupted in a big cheer for him. So it was a really nice moment for both of us! Me on the phone shouting "woohoooo" to him and then him and his friends at his graduation shouting "woohooo" back down the phone. It was a moment to remember!

YMC: Are you nervous about playing to a large audience?

Dave: I think its only natural that we will all have nerve's before the performance as it will be our biggest gig to date and also probably only our 3rd show as a 'Full band' because up until this point me and Roy have been gigging as an acoustic duo. So there's a lot of pressure but most of all we just can't wait to play for everyone, we are so excited and we're going to love every second of it.

YMC: Will you be adding extra members for the live set?

Dave: As hinted above we have recruited other musicians to back us live who are now part of the band. We have 'Glen Mancrief' on Bass, James Potter on Keys, and Ben Watson on drums. They are all great musicians and everythings sounding great in rehearsals. We were very lucky to find these guys so quickly and a bonus is we all get along amazingly well, so we are all happy. 

YMC: You have recently released your debut EP, where is it available?

Dave: Our EP featuring 7 tracks is called "Silhouettes & Paper Birds" and is available to download on iTunes (worldwide) and Amazon. You can here a preview of the EP on our website

YMC: What are you plans for after the festival?

Dave: Our plans for after Leeds & Reading is to be gigging, gigging and more gigging. We have a show already planned on the 12th September at the "Acoustic Gathering" festival in Scarborough which will be a great event and we are currently planning other gigs around the UK for the rest of the year which will all be announced on our website and other networking sites very soon. We also will be working on new material this Autumn which again we are very excited about.

YMC: Who are you looking forward to seeing at this years festival?

Dave: Personally I'm very excited about seeing a band called "Kids In Glass Houses" who I first saw a few years ago when they supported the Goo Goo Dolls in Manchester and I'm also looking forward to seeing Blink 182 (as I think everyone of my age wants to see these guys at least once). I know Roy is looking forward to (or should I say hoping to meet) Marina (from Marina & the Diamonds).
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