Friday, 18 June 2010

Introducing...Horse Guards Parade

YMC chats to Archie from Horse Guards Parade

YMC: How did the name come about ?

James came up with it , horses seem to crop up in conversation a fair bit for no real reason.

YMC: How many are in the band, where did you all meet?

There are five of us, James Waudby [guitar and vox] and me {Archie ,guitar] have known each other for a while and both played together in a band from Hull called The Sorry Loves and when that finished we carried on working on tunes and recording them in my attic . In March 2009 we released a four track e.p and decided to get a full band together bringing in Carl Hogarth on keyboards who has played with James in Salako and Marble Valley and also Rob Marrs on drum and Chris Evans on bass who I had played in bands with before .  

YMC: How would you describe your music? Who are your main influences?

It’s hard to pin it down but there are elements of Folk, Psychedelia, Rock, and Country or so I’ve been told, mixed with a darkness that  only Hull could bring . As for influences too many to mention really  if you listen to us  I’m sure you can hear anything from Prince Fari  to Quo

YMC: Last year you played on the introducing stage at Leeds/Reading, was this a good experience?

Yeah we had a great time , plenty of capers and we got to play as well , this was down to Katy and Alan from BBC Raw Talent who put us forward for it and have supported us from day one . We were also lucky enough to support Pavement at Glasgow Barrowlands last month and we played at All Tomorrows Parties in Minehead which they curated which were both fantastic .

YMC: You are currently recording an album, how's it going?

We finished it at the beginning of May , the mp3’s are up on our Myspace site now and it should be out by August . We did it ourselves with lots of help from Vincent Van Huit who captured us well .

YMC: Do you have any plans to tour this year?

We are just sorting gigs out now for over the summer to promote the album, so they will be up on our Myspace very soon.

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