Monday, 17 May 2010

Introducing...The 48Ks

YMC chats to the 48Ks from Doncaster

YMC: Tell us something about the band, how did you get together and how long have you been playing.

We are the 48ks, a 5 piece band from Doncaster. We've been in a band together for about a year but our mutual love of the Beatles, The La's, the Rolling Stones, The Who, The Specials made us get together. We love vocal harmonies and hooks so try our best to put them in our songs. The band are Ryan-vox, Kato-rhythm guitar and vox, Steve-lead guitar and vox, Ad-bass and vox, Tilly -drums and vox.

YMC: Who writes the songs?

We all contribute to the writing of songs but mainly its Ryan, Steve and Kato who bring the ideas to rehearsal but we all bounce of each other.

YMC: I notice that in addition to the lead vocalist, three of you provide backing vocals, are harmonies very important to you?

Harmonies are important to us. We like experimenting and adding different parts to keep it interesting for us and for the listener. We try to put our influences together and mix them around to create our own unique sound

YMC: You have an EP out, where can people get it? What is on it?

Our e/p "Flick em the v's" is available now and we are handing it out for free at gigs or you can mail us and we will forward a copy. It ,will soon be able to download. On the e/p is Gotta Get Out, Flick em the v's, Falling Down, and Cotton Wool.

YMC: Is there a lot of support for local bands in South Yorkshire?

Doncaster doesn't have much of a scene at the moment and we don't really get involved in a clique like most other bands do but the scene in Sheffield is good and there are plenty of places to play so we;ll keep gigging and plugging away.

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