Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Introducing...Under Arches

YMC chats to Under Arches from Leeds

YMC: How many are in the band, where did you all meet?

There are 5 of us in the band, Si on vocals, Dave on guitar, James on guitar, Gypsy on bass and Laurie on drums. Half of us have been in and out of the same bands for the past five years, we all had a break for about a year with university stuff and that. We then met the remainder of the band at our old place of work....the Cockpit!

YMC: How did the name come about ?

Our name came about as we met and finalised the line up of the band at the Cockpit which is....under the arches in Leeds!

YMC: You've been going for just over a year now, what have been the high and low points of your first year?

To be honest there havn't really been many low points yet (touch wood)!  A year in band terms  isn't very long so we have just basically been working to create a good live act with lots of decent tracks. I would probably say the best bit has been playing live, its great and we all enjoy it!

YMC: Who writes the songs?

Generally the songs are started by our guitarists, they create the frame work then each other member adds their part, we jam the songs, re think parts and converse with every one our opinions on each others parts, work it all out and then presto...we have a new 4 1/2 minutes of PHATNESS

YMC: What venues do you like to play at?

We love to play the Cockpit as it has good sound quality which makes such a difference to playing and watching, but to be honest we love to play any venue that will have us!!

YMC: Do you have any recording plans?

We have just finished a few tracks for an e.p in our guitarists loft, he is a sound tech so he has all the stuff to get a decent record, we are going to keep recording our stuff like that for now until we have a really good amount of tracks and then we will take it to a pro recording studio!

YMC: What do you think of the Leeds Festival line-up this year?

meh....they have a decent handful of bands, as always, Queens of the Stone Age-Weezer-Modest Mouse-Limp Bizkit, will all be great to see. But to be honest Leeds Festival is just a bit to expensive now, we generaly cant justify buying a ticket for a few bands. Back in the day when we all started going tickets were £90 for a weekend! We are looking to broaden our horizons for the festivals!!!

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