Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Introducing...The Magi

YMC chats to Edd from The Magi

YMC: Who are the band members and how long have you been playing together?

Hello to all YMC readers...
We are 'The Magi'...
hence in the beginning there were 3 band members, 3 kings.
But as time stops for no man, it has weaved its path and added 3 more members to the band.
We now have
John Jenkinson, Vox box.
Des Jenkinson, Drum Machine and melodian.
Robert Jenkinson, Lead Guitar and musical sounds.
Andy Jenkinson, Ryhthm Guitar and good looks.
Edd Watson, Bass guitar and Director of Business Developement.
Mark Johnson, Lyricals...
4 of us lived together for 5 years messing about with music before we turned it into anything. And we've been gigging for nearly 3 years now. Some would say veterans... others wudnt...

YMC: How would you describe your music?

The age old question, and like what is the meaning of life, there is no answer.
We have origins in the Beatles, Oasis, The Coral and lyrical references from jarvis cocker and Morrissey but all sheffield bands sound the same now dont they??

YMC: Who are your main influences?

Sorry, just mentioned them above...

YMC: What venues do you like to play at?

love the Grapes, love the leadmill...
Our 1st gig at o2 academy was fantastic but do prefer smaller venues at the moment.
We played in the cremorne back room the other month and it was rammed and the building was swaying...

YMC: You are runners up in the Yorkshire Cricket soundtrack of 2010, what does this mean for you?

I'm not sure yet.. I still need to email him.. I think we'll get some free tickets throughout the year and our music will be played before during and after the cricket matches. I hope that as a 6 is scored, maybe a 5 seond blast of one of our tracks will blurt out over the tannoy..

YMC: Have you recorded any music?

You mean you havent heard of any of our stuff??
We've been in the studio a few times. Mostly at 2 fly, latestly (if thats a word) with Alan Smithe. Time in the studio is great and we've done about 12 tracks and are looking to go back and do some more this summer, but we own our own digital 16 track recorder and one of the lads is recording everything himself and mixing it.
So I'm waiting anxiously for the results...
I hope you find them on our myspace shortly..

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