Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Introducing...Purple Dot Records

YMC: When did you start your record label?

The idea came about in late 2009, but everything started moving for us right at the start of 2010. Ever since then, the progress we have made has been absolutely crazy. So many different groups and movements similar to yourselves have been getting involved and supporting us. It would have been so difficult, almost impossible to keep spreading the word about Purple Dot Records if it wasn't for all of the help that we are receiving.

YMC: Why did you want to create an independent label?

I want to be able to give great talent the chance to be heard.
Since I started Purple Dot Records, I have came across and connected with some great bands and artists. Watching crowds grow from gig to gig for artists is a great feeling.

Also, creating a record label wasn't a solo mission; I have been given huge amounts of support from many different people including bands and venues.

YMC: Are you in a band yourselves, have you found it hard to get noticed?

No, unfortunately I do not have a musical talent and my vocals should never be heard outside of the shower. But, having worked with newly formed bands and even quite well established bands, I know what it's like to try to get recognition.

YMC: Do you work with any recording studios?

Armati Recording studios have offered us some great prices considering we are a newly formed record label. Also, a number of the people involved have some great quality in-home equipment and a number of people supporting Purple Dot Records are studying at the local universities and so the facilities there can be put to use.

YMC: What can you offer an unsigned band/artist?

We can offer a band the opportunity to become part of musical community in which everybody involved is pulling in the same direction. We can offer a band regular gigs inside and outside of Sheffield, along with practice space, an enthusiastic band manager and the possible opportunity for music printing and distribution. Getting involved with Purple Dot Records means becoming part of a rapidly growing project, which isn't motivated by generating profit. Bands can stamp their music with a brand which is becoming more recognised in and around Yorkshire and which is known for being involved with genuine local talent.

YMC: Is there a good music scene in Sheffield? What venues do you like?

Sheffield has the best music scene! There is not a night in the week where you can't find a band playing live somewhere in Sheffield city centre. It seems that everybody in Sheffield has their own opinion on music. I am definitely situated in the perfect place to start up a record label as I am surrounded by great musical talent. The Stockroom is a great venue for watching bands; the size creates an electric atmosphere and lends itself very well to the acoustics of live bands. I also like SOYO, West Street Live, The Washington, The Frog and Parrot, corporation and the O2; not only because of their music and image, but also because they are all very supportive towards local talent. 

YMC: What are you plans for the near future?

I plan to move onwards and upwards. I plan to keep on spreading the word about Purple Dot Records with the hope that we will become known as a movement that unsigned bands desire to be apart of, in order to be helped to make their mark on the musical map.

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