Friday, 23 April 2010


YMC chats to Matthew Hook of Kartica from Sheffield

YMC: Tell us something about the band, how did you meet, how long have you been playing together?

It was me and Joe who decided to form a band together... Pretty much straight after meeting each other, after hearing on the grapevine that we were both into the same kinda things muscially and in many other ways really. We met Esh (Drums)  while he was working as trolly boy at Somerfields, bumped into Paul (Bass) while he was working for Status Quo as a roadie, and we met Adam (Lead) one night in a glorious pub in Hoyland called The Beggar & Gentlemen. We got it all together and we've been playing live for about a year and half now....It's a long set! 

YMC: How would you describe your music? Who writes the songs?

A vintage english rock n roll sound, loud guitars, sweeping chord structures and big riffs. Big on melody, low on quirkyness!... and absolutely amazing vocals!  Me and Joe write the songs but if one of the other lads comes up with a stormer they're welcome to step upto the mic in the pratice room and sing it acoustically to the rest of us! If a song passes that acid test we work on it.

YMC: Who are your main influences?

90's British guitar bands, Ocean Colour Scene, The Verve, Oasis, Cast etc.  Bands that sing about togetherness and remind us of those Balmy Euro ' 96 evenings!

YMC: What can people expect from a live show?

Depending on Paul's mental state, pretty much anything. However if he behaves himself it's pretty much us giving it some, not dancing round like looneys or owt, but a self assured performance... With some top banter in between songs!

YMC: You seem to have quite a few gigs outside Yorkshire, what's you favourite city to play?

Liverpool's always a great place to play, they seem really into the music and the venues always deal with you really well.

YMC: What do you think of Leeds Festival line-up this year?

It would probably look better if we were on it!... But im sure the tent burners are happy!

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