Monday, 22 March 2010

Introducing...Ben Peel

YMC chats to Ben Peel from Bradford

YMC: You've been in quite a few bands, can you give us a summary of your musical career?

I started off creating a band with a good friend and a great songwriter called Mark Hall... which was called "Weird Dream" and as line ups change so did the name... we went from been "Weird Dream" to "20-12" and from that to "Dead Rockers society"... the material was very upbeat gritty, scuzzy Northern Sounds, it was these early years/bands that I learnt my trade as a musician, honing and shaping my skill. Then I started a New band.. which was a bit of a side project  that turned into a full time thing... which was "Oxtoby's Rockers". This Project started out as a psychedelic Rock Band... a traditional power trio but eventually drifted towards a mixed sound of indie an rock. during in my time with this band i struggled and fought with different influences and flirted with different tastes... an after a hand full of years I eventually didn't know what I wanted musically...which I suppose put strain upon the band due to me becoming mentally and musically blank. Then From the back End of Oxtoby's Rockers, I started drumming with 2 friends (Thomas Binns and Joe Holdsworth) who were putting a band together...'The Young Loves" who were and still are an amazing songwriting band! I also did some writing and recording with "The Hot Crustacean band" and now I currently play Lead Guitar in an amazing band called "Thee Deadtime Philharmonics"... and I also write and record my own solo stuff "Northern Folk!"
YMC: What made you decide to go solo?

The fact I was writing these songs that didn't suite any band I was in... and because I had my hands in so many musical pies... the last thing I wanted to create was another full band. If its just me... I can keep it manageable and call on amazing guest musicians to help out... plus organising one person is a hell of a lot easier than organising 3 or 4 people...especially musicians! ha.

: Have you had to change the way you write songs?

It's not so much change... but more about Evolving as a songwriter... you go through moods in different shades and places of your life and they reflect onto your output of creativity and music. The way i see it is... if everything is peachy in your life... then you sing about the "the Sun is Shining...everythings Great..Blah Blah"... But to get to the
nitty Gritty you need to create a little chaos in your life because when that chaos hits hard thats when the real creativity comes. So i try live my life in an equal Doses of chaos and calmness. a little flirt with danger did no songwriter no harm!
YMC: Who are your influences and who are you listening to at the moment?

My influences have changed over time so I have much respect and a lot of appreciation for a lot of artists and bands.

The most recent visitors to my stereo over the past week have been Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Neil Young, Donovan, The Band (Songs from the Big Pink),Fleetwood mac, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Robert Johnson. But then i don't just get my influences from other musicians, moments in time influence me.. could be something someone says... or a feeling I have... or a situation I'm living... could be a wise word from a father or harsh word from a lover... I think for influences...its all about romanticising with your surroundings and happenings... and living it ... by this i don't mean going out getting wrecked every night is living it... when I say LIVE IT... I mean romanticise and flirt with your passionate about your thoughts and u start seeing things differently... you start seeing things your own way, which I think helps to put words on paper!

: Do you like the producing side of things?
I love The Producing just as much as writing the song, when I write a song I am constantly thinking how am I going to portray this on tape... to give it it's full potential and to bring out the songs inner Character! I'm really Passionate About Producing.

YMC: Your first single is called Panstick, where is it available?

Panstick is available in all your good online Record shops...I-Tunes, LimeWire and a couple other online stores too.... so what you waiting for?....Get Downloading!!!
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