Thursday, 11 February 2010

Introducing...Two Skies

YMC chats to South Yorkshire band Two Skies.

YMC: When did Two Skies form and who are the band members?

Two Skies are:
              Dan Cutts- Guitar, Words
              Oliver Harrap- Drums
              Jamie Cheetham- Bass
We've been playing together for the past 18 months.

YMC: Do you write the songs as a band?

Yes. We like to jam a lot and through that learned each how each other plays which enables us to create a band sound.

YMC: You have just finished recording your debut EP (self produced), has it taken a long time?

As we recorded at our own studio, SKYLAB, we didnt have to watch the clock which meant we had a relaxed atmosphere and could spend time on what we found important. Primarily focusing on solid grooves and dynamics.

YMC: Do you think you have learnt a lot too?

Definately. We like to constantly try out new ways of writing and recording the music and like to have fun and experiment with our ideas, so the biggest thing we learnt was to keep the emphasis on the feel of the track.

YMC: When and in what format will it be released?

The EP will be available in March on CD through Amazon, Genepool records website and our website:
Also as a download on ITunes and most other digital retailers.

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