Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Introducing...Talk With Lies

YMC chats to Talk with Lies from Wakefield

YMC: When did you start the band, did you all know each other first?

TWL: The band started in late 2008/ early 2009 with two good mates Conor (Bass/Vox) and Sam (Drums/B.Vox) finally after a summer and autumn of playing together in a garage finding a like minded guitarist, who wanted to have a laugh and make fun music with a wide range of influences. This guy was Tom (Guitar/Vox) and from here the Trio was formed.

YMC: Who are you influences?

TWL: Our major influences vary widely from many eras. Conor has been hugely influenced by bands such as Funeral for a Friend, Green Day, Paolo Nutini as well as many others. Sam has been influenced by bands such as Green Day, Blink 182, The Jam as well as many more. Tom has probably been most influenced by one person not only musically but also in his whole way of life that being Paul Weller, he has also been influenced by many others including more modern bands such as the Enemy and Muse.

YMC: What venues do you like to play at?

TWL: We love playing at any venue really, we don't have any specific favourites although smaller venues are nice to play especially with a group of well known fans, we also love bigger venues like the DNE venue in Wakefield or the cockpit in Leeds.

YMC: What do you think of the Wakefield scene?

TWL: We think if you are a heavier metal band the Wakefield scene is pretty good at the moment as well as if you are a tribute band with many venues offering a lot of these. But we feel for under 18's especially in lighter rock bands it is not as good and at times can be quite poor.
YMC: You are currently recording an EP, how is it going?
TWL: It has gone really well the recording process was soo much fun for us we got in the studio and just had a laugh playing through the songs we love to play. It also adds a new dimension to our tracks with tom being able to record both rhythm and lead guitar parts which are not always possible as a three piece on stage. The tracks are now taking shape and we are in the process of mixing and mastering them ready for the launch in March! This is crazy for us we never have come  so close until now of releasing our very own CD.
YMC: Do you think the internet helps bands to get known? Myspace or facebook?
TWL: We think that these sites do help bands get known but not as much now as say 2 or 3 years ago. We feel it is a lot more about word of mouth and live shows again now rather than finding bands online. We ourselves have seen the decline in myspace users or people using it regularly and while there has been a huge influx of people using facebook it doesn't really have the facility for music like myspace does.

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